Outstanding products/Services:

Payoo is capable of providing following software solutions:
  • Delivery team management system
  • Working-shift planning
  • Field collection team management
  • Supporting systems for banks and financial partners
  • SmartCard solution for transportation
+ Hanoi bus system
+ Binh Duong bus system
  • Platform for tuition fee management & collection
  • Working-shift planning for employees
  • Delivery team management system
  • Field collection team tracking and management

Hà Nội Bus/Becamex - Tokyu Bus

Smart card payment in transportation
  • NFC payment: Felica, Mifare...
  • Support various types of tickets: single ticket, monthly ticket...
  • Application of eMoney technology: super fast payment (millisecond), charged on distance...
  • Latest encryption standard: AES

Solution for tuition payment and management

Our system supports Ho Chi Minh City Department of Education & Training centers and high schools for the management of tuition and other fees.


Debt/Cash collector management and tracking solution: GPS Tracking

This feature helps managers keep track of debt/cash collectors and allows collectors to process on-site payments.

Main Features:

Intelligent Delivery Management system: iDMS

Our system is designed to manage the shipper, update order status, view the delivery routes and payment support via iOS and Android.

Main features:

Staff planning and scheduling

Convenient & simple payment record solution

Our payment record feature is designed to support businesses in creating documents such as contract payments, loans, and installments.

Registration feature:

Evaluation feature: