E-Wallet & Mobile Payoo App

Payoo’s e-wallet is linked with an individual’s bank account that allows customers to use Payoo services such as:

  • Utility bill and other bills payment: more than 350 bills
  • Prepaid phone cards, game cards, top-up
  • Transportation tickets: Airlines, buses, ferries,…
  • Entertainment tickets
  • QR Code/ NFC

"Powered by Payoo” e-wallet for corporates:

Based on the intermediate payment platform licensed by the State Bank, the Payoo e-wallet solution is designed for corporates with a big customer-base who would like to offer e-wallet services to users, e.g. store chains, residential management corporates, e-commerce…
1. This e-wallet solution which supplies full features such as depositing, withdrawing, transferring, paying bills, and purchasing goods from their devices.
2. Other main features of Payoo:
  • Utility bills payment
  • Traveling & Entertainment tickets: movies, events, airplane, train, bus, ferries
  • Mobile top-up, prepaid cards (games, phones,..)
3. Founded on modern technology, Payoo e-wallet accepts various forms of digital payments:
  • ATM/Visa/Mastercard/JCB
  • Banks’ mobile banking application, internet banking
  • QR Code
  • Credit card installment payment
  • NFC…