Confidentiality policy

To ensure the security of the Payoo e-wallet system, at the same time protecting customers’ information, the Payoo e-wallet introduces its Privacy Policy for personal and business customers. “Customers” in this text refer to all persons and organizations registering the opening of accounts and use of the Payoo e-wallet at the following two websites: and The customers are also the e-wallet owners.

The Privacy Policy of the Payoo e-wallet, also called “Payoo e-wallet Protection Policy”, describes the way the Payoo e-wallet summarizes, stores, uses and protects customers’ personal information. Customers are expected to confirm this policy when registering the Payoo e-wallet account at our website.

We are entitled to amend, upgrade, or supplement this policy at any time. The amended policy will be valid at the time of being updated. After the Protection Policy, if the e-wallet owners still uses the Payoo e-wallet, this would mean the e-wallet owners has understood and agreed on the new Protection Policy.

On collecting personal information

Upon registering the opening of a Payoo e-wallet account, the customer needs to provide us with the following information:

The customer will be also requested to supply further information, for example your date of birth as well as other information.

On the required accuracy of personal information

Payoo e-wallet always tries its best in handling provided data on personal information and verifying the account of the e-wallet. Therefore, the customer will be responsible for providing us with accurate personal information and updating new information all the time. In addition, we shall not be responsible for settling any dispute if the information provided by the customer is erroneous, inaccurate or forged.

On storing and protecting personal information

In this policy, we use the phrase “personal information” to describe the information that is related to a specific person and can be used to identify the same person.
Your personal information are stored and protected securely in the host computer by a firewall system; at the same time, all your information transmitted on the Internet will be codified with the standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

At the same time, we also apply the ISO 27001:2005 international standard of information security, most widely applied at present all over the world in general and Vietnam in particular.

We also frequently coordinate with protection experts so as to update latest information on network security to safeguard any personal information when the customer registers and uses the Payoo e-wallet.

On using personal information

Any e-wallet owner’s personal information, as well as transaction information will be stored protected by the Payoo e-wallet system. We use the information provided by the customer to:

On linking with other websites

Payoo e-wallet is linked to many e-commerce websites and selling websites on the Internet. Naturally, we are not held responsible for issues not related to payments and transactions between the customer and these websites. The customers are required to protect the information in their account and not to supply any information related to Payoo e-wallet account and password on the selling websites, except signing in our 2 official websites:  and

On supplying personal information to a third party

Payoo e-wallet will the customer’s personal information to a third party in the following circumstances:


Payoo e-wallet is your e-wallet. That would mean you must manage your own account and password. You must therefore protect your own password carefully. In case the password is disclosed in any form, we are not liable for arising losses.
In case you forget your password, please choose “Forget password” and follow the instructions to create a new password, or send an email to:  or call (84-8) 3911 7147 and ask the Customer Support Section to supply you another password. After verification by professional measures, we will supply you a new passport within 24 hours.

In case you suspect that your Payoo e-wallet account or password has been disclosed, you must replace the old password with a new one, or inform immediately the Customer Support Section to receive instructions on handling measures.